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Bill Rod – Life Member

Posted by Peter Loidl on  February 23, 2024
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Having always had an interest in making things, Bill began wood turning in Feilding in the late 1980's. With no tuition he had to work out things for himself. About two years after moving to Wanganui in 1987 he was invited by then Life member Harry Corbett to join the woodcraft group, where he quickly learned more skills from other

Dave Wagstaff – Life Member

Posted by Peter Loidl on  March 27, 2024
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Dave started wood turning in the early 2000’s when his fathers lathe was dropped on his doorstep.  Using an old carpenters chisel a lot of file handles were made and the bug bit.  A cheap set of second hand tools was bought and he joined the Woodcraft group.  The certificate in wood turning course was completed in 2011.  Dave has

Des Kendrick – Life Member

Posted by peter@toucanmedialtd.com on  February 20, 2024
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In his working life Des was an upholsterer and well-known in the Whanganui business community for the quality of his work. He joined the club about 25 years ago , serving on the committee for many years, both as Secretary and President. Over 20 years ago he and two others set up the stall at River Market. Des has won

Peter Loidl

Posted by peter@toucanmedialtd.com on  November 28, 2023
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Austrian-born Peter turned his problem-solving skills to woodcraft after meeting with Club members at Whanganui's River Market. Since joining the Club he has produced three Model T Fords (1:2 scale) and upwards of 200 other items, mostly using offcuts of timber he has sourced free from local joiners. Peter is largely self-taught but is happy to have received some wonderful

Ray Cooper

Posted by Peter Loidl on  March 22, 2024
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After an accident as a Fitter and Welder Ray became a successful baker, establishing his first bakery-takeaway in 1974. After selling the bakery he established a cartage business and at this time he developed a passion for woodcraft by meeting Brian Massey, owner of the woodturning shop in Petone. Fascinated, he bought a Shopsmith machine (A 5 in 1 changeable